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Registrations are now OPEN for new virtual rowing competition The Grid

The Grid is a new virtual rowing competition offering an element of control and tactics to those who enter.

What is The Grid?

12 of the Concept2 Ranked Workouts are grouped into 4 grids, with three workouts on each. Entrants pick one workout from each Grid that they think they’ll either do best against other rowers in their category or that the other’s will avoid, giving them a better result with fewer people to row against. Their finishing positions add up to give them a final score. This means that competitors in the same age, sex and weight category may not row the same events, but are still competing against each other. Example – one rower may row 100m / 2000m / 30 min / Half Marathon and finish 3rd, 2nd, 5th and 1st – giving them a total score of 11. But another rower in the same category could row the 500m / 4 minutes / 5000m and 60 minutes, coming in 1st, 3rd, 4th and 2nd place – and with a score of 10 – would beat the first rower.

By covering a wider range of events than most competitions, and giving the rower an element of control in order to play to their strengths, “The Grid” aims to be an entertaining and competitive start to the season.

How to enter

Entries are open for all Concept2 machines in individual divisions, as well as other brands of rowing machines (but like machines only competes against like). There is no mixing of machines on The Grid.

Entry fee is £10 for the first machine, with all profits donated to Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund International, whose focus is on the role of lifestyle in cancer risk and survivorship.

Find more information about The Grid here, or enter the competition today!

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