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WaterRower has been dedicated to creating rowing machines of exceptional quality and design for over 30 years and is currently the leading supplier of water rowing machines in the UK. Their rowing machines, which use water resistance and are widely regarded as the most realistic simulator of an on-water rowing experience, making them a popular choice for home rowers and increasingly commonplace in gyms nationwide.


The WaterRower was invented in 1988 by John Duke, a Yale University engineer and USA Rowing National Team candidate. Mr Duke had two principles leading his design. 

Firstly, to replicate the experience of rowing in a boat, aiming to bring the sound, resistance, and physiological benefits of rowing to a wider audience. Secondly, to create a piece of “Fitness Furniture” with an aesthetic that would complement a residential setting and would be favoured as a piece of art or furniture, as well as fitness equipment. This inspiration was taken from the sparse elegance of Shaker furniture, renowned for being beautiful, well-made objects that could be used in everyday life. Central to this was manufacturing from wood. Hand-built; all timber used in the manufacture of wooden WaterRower rowing machines, sourced from sustainably managed hardwood forests in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Offering a low impact, full-body workout that can be used by all skill levels, the WaterRower is acclaimed not only for its exercise benefits but also as an outstanding design innovation. 

WaterRower Machine Key Features

As with all WaterRowers, Original Series rowing machines feature the unique WaterFlywheel, peerless in its simulation of on the water rowing. Available in a range of sustainably sourced hardwoods to suit your style, including Ash, Oak, Cherry and Walnut. The Original Series WaterRower is designed to blend seamlessly into a residential setting, allowing you to exercise in any room of the house, as well as including the following key features.


The Series 4 (S4) performance monitor shows stroke rate, rowing distance and duration. Depending on the model of the WaterRower purchased, monitor functionality will offer more including connection via Bluetooth to indoor rowing apps, as well as more advance designs for fitness enthusiasts looking for in-depth training data and analysis. This includes 'Performance Erg Features' such as the built-in SmartRow technology.

Natural Resistance 

The WaterRower has a WaterFlyWheel inside a sealed drum. Each stroke moves a paddle which cups the moving water and creates a natural, self-regulating resistance.

Recreating the On-Water Experience

The WaterRower is designed to recreate the feel and sounds of being on water that you would experience in a rowing boat. It is generally very quiet, with the only noise being the sloshing of water in the drum.

Adjustable Footrests 

Adjustable foot rests allow for quick and easy sizing for a range of feet sizes.

Unique Design 

In contrast to most traditional exercise equipment, WaterRowers are made of wood, have an aesthetically pleasing design which complements the décor of most rooms in the home and, at 209cm long, are compact enough to be stored upright in most rooms.


The WaterRower is relatively compact, has adjustable feet and is easily manoeuvrable.

Inside Indoor Discount

Inside Indoor Subscribers can access an exclusive 10% discount off the purchase of all WaterRower rowing machines, purchased directly from WaterRower. WaterRower also make a contribution to British Rowing for every machine sold, and by making a purchase, customers will be helping invest back into the development of grassroots rowing in England both indoor and on the water. Full details of the discount, including the code itself, are available in the Inside Indoor subscription area.

WaterRower Apps

There are a growing number of apps now available that have been developed to be used with the WaterRower rowing machine. These apps offer a range of additional features and functions, including live and on-demand classes, virtual racing, training programs and more. Below are a selection of WaterRower compatible smartphone and tablet apps offering a range of features that will help you to get the most from using your machine.


This a high-tech replacement pulley for the WaterRower that wirelessly connects to your smartphone and tablet. The electronics inside the SmartRow measures force and stroke length and links with the app to calculate your power output, track your workouts, improve technique, see your progress, and share your results anywhere.

CityRow Go

A revolutionary machine and immersive full body workout app bringing a new meaning to the home workout experience. Expert guidance, superior equipment, unbeatable results.

WaterRower Connect

Turn your iOS and android mobile device into a WaterRower performance monitor. View workout data in real time as you row. Performance metrics displayed include Distance Rowed, 500m Split Time, Watts, Time and Stroke Rate.


An alternative to WaterRower Connect, Coxswain allows users to view WaterRower performance data on their Android handheld device as they row. The coxswain app has a range of suggested rowing machine workout programs as well as Google Fit integration.

Find out more

To find out more and to purchase a machine head to the WaterRower website.

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