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Online Indoor Rowing Community

If you are looking for like-minded indoor rowers to train with, compete with, or simply just to connect with, why not either join one of the many indoor rowing clubs available, become part of an online indoor rowing community group, or get signed up to one of the community driven challenges. Find out more below.

Indoor Rowing Clubs

Indoor rowing clubs are a great way to share your indoor rowing experiences, meet new friends and help those who train remotely. Most online indoor rowing clubs are worldwide online teams. They also arrange to compete and meet up to race at online and in-person events as well as offering more focused training links with CrossFit too. Whatever way a club works, they are here to make indoor rowing more fun, helping likeminded people train and compete together.

Check out a selection of indoor rowing clubs below which are available to sign up to today.

Indoor Rowing Club

Cardiff City Rowing Club

Cool Rowings 

Empty the Tanks

ESPRIT Indoor Rowing Team

Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing

Forum Flyers

Free Spirits Rowing


Paddy Power

Q Power

RAF Indoor Rowing 

Red Line Rowers 

Rowing WOD

Seal PT

SG Fitness and Indoor Rowing 

Sub-7 Indoor Rowing Club

Team Oarsome

Team RowPro

Taff Attack Racing

Welsh Sea Rowing Indoor Rowing

Online Indoor Rowing Community Groups 

Indoor Rowing offers a range of online communities for indoor rowers of all abilities to discuss training, share tips and thoughts on apps and tech, and motivate one another! Find out more and join some of the popular groups below.

Concept2 Community 

Concept2 has created this group as a place for people to come to learn, support and share all things Concept2-related.

Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Hub by Fitness Matters 

The main aims of this community page is to offer guidance, support and motivation to indoor rowers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. The hub offers a cross team platform for all to share workouts and thoughts with others. The diverse nature of its content provides a vibrant and dynamic supportive coaching environment where those that participate benefit from interaction with like minded individuals.

Dark Horse Rowing

Dark Horse Rowing was made for non-rowers who use rowing in their training and want to de-mystify the movement or simply get faster. Driven and created by Shane Farmer who supports a growing community and provides the tools to help you get the best experience using the rowing machine.

Engine House

Engine House is a fantastic group set up by SEAL PT helping get likeminded individuals together to row virtually and in person helping the growth and support for people using the indoor rowing machine.

EXR Community 

A group where you can connect with other indoor rowing enthusiasts, show off your incredible performances and talk all things EXR app.

Fluenta Rowing Community

A group where you can connect with other indoor rowing enthusiasts, show off your incredible stories and talk all things Fluenta.

Go Row Indoor Crew

British Rowing's online community for indoor rowers of all abilities to discuss training, share tips and motivate one another!


This group is for Hydrow owners seeking a rowing community for encouragement, support, and training. 

Indoor rowing Community

This is a group for people who loves indoor rowing regardless of age, gender or ability. It is a place where anyone can share thoughts on indoor rowing and types of sessions to try.


This is where indoor rowers share their passion moments for the sport, where they talk about indoor rowing technique, training plans, personal bests, and everything related to indoor rowing.

SmartRow for WaterRower Community

A group for anybody interested in the SmartRow power metre for the WaterRower.


RowAlong - Indoor Rowing Workouts Group 

This is the group page for RowAlong - the YouTube channel and website which provides Indoor Rowing workout videos for you to Row Along to.


Row the Distance Community

A group where you can connect with other indoor rowing virtual medal enthusiasts, show off your incredible stories and talk all things Row the Distance.


WaterRower Owners, Users and Fans

A group for WaterRower Brand owners and lovers. Join an active community of over 6,000 members (and growing) who make a WaterRower part of their workout routines! Share tips, tricks and fitness milestones.


World Rowing Indoor 

The official page for World Rowing Indoor by The World Rowing Federation, FISA.


Online Indoor Rowing Challenges

If you are not ready for racing, but still competitive and looking for an online challenge to motivate you. As well heading to our Inside Indoor dedicated online challenges page, indoor rowing offers a range of fantastic monthly challenges to participate in using your machine against others. Find out more and join some of the popular challenges below.

Fools Fest Sprints

Offering a range of different online challenges on one hour, on one single day every month using the Concept2 indoor rowing machine.


Cross Team Challenge

Concept2 Cross Team challenges, running monthly over a variety of distances and challenges, with live league tables. This is also where many of the indoor rowing teams and Concept2 Forum members come to compete and take part against one another.


If your group, challenge, or club is missing and you would like to be added to our website then please just email [email protected].

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