Phil Clapp has put together a 100m sprint training plan aimed at developing the strength and power required for the 100m sprint event alongside practising the technical aspects of maximal sprinting. At the end of the plan you should have a better understanding of how to get the most out of your body in a 100m all out sprint!

One of the biggest pitfalls that athletes fall into with sprint events is training in a similar manner you would for a 2km race, high volume and cumulative fatigue are not conducive to sprint performance.  The focus of these sessions should always be on quality; the rest periods look long between efforts however when completed at the right effort level you should require every second of this.

Indoor rowing machine set up

Drag factor is a very personal preference however Phil suggests starting around 25 points higher than what you might use for 2km. In simple terms that means moving the damper lever up a level or two. Your foot rest should be positioned one or two holes higher than your usual setting.

Warm up

Make sure to complete a full warm up ahead of any of the sessions in this training plan. The should consist of at least eight to ten minutes of rowing building up from very light pressure to light/medium pressure. 

Rest periods

The rest periods in each session should be fairly static, there is no need to keep rowing as the main focus is to be as recovered as possible for the next effort, but feel free to walk or row lightly just to keep the body warm. In a couple of the sessions, a short amount of light rowing is recommended in the rest, but this is made clear in the session description.

Cool down

A sensible cool down is as important as a good warm up after these sessions. It's always good to include some simple stretches off the machine after this to round off your workout.

All that's left is to have a go - let us know how you get on!

For more information about sprint training, Jade Lally's article - Sprint racing: the strength to succeed is worth a read.

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