British Rowing 

Challenge: How close can you come to a British indoor rowing record?

We've got a challenge for you.

Using 85% of your body's muscles, the indoor rowing machine is the perfect low-impact, time-efficient cardio workout to help you make the most out of your exercise.

So next time you’re in the gym, why not see how you’d stack up against the best in the country?

All you’ll need to do is jump on a machine, set it to a distance of 500m and see how quickly you can count down those metres!

As with anything, the hardest part about your indoor rowing journey will be those first few strokes. After that, it's plain-sailing to your fitness goals.

The 500m Challenge - Olympians

GB Rowing Team Olympians Tom George and Catherine Bishop currently hold the British records for fastest 2000m indoor row.

The first part of your challenge is to see how long you can hold their 500m split (or the speed at which they would row 500m), keeping pace with the current national record. This will show up on your monitor as you row as the big number with /500m after it.

The second part is to complete the 500m as quickly as possible and let us know how you've done! You could even do the full 2000m test if you're up to it. 


2000m Record

Record Holder

500m Split

Open Men


Tom George


Open Women


Catherine Bishop


The 500m Challenge - Paralympians

In rowing, Paralympians compete in categories based on their classifications.

Find your classification on the link above and then try to keep pace with the 500m splits below!


2000m Record

Record Holder

500m Split

PR1 Men


Benjamin Pritchard


PR1 Women


Nerys Pearce


PR2 Men


Greg Stevenson


PR2 Women


Lauren Rowles


PR3 Men


Luke Reeson


PR3 Women


Giedre Rakauskaite


Be sure to share your results with us - just snap a picture of your monitor and post it on social media, tagging us at @insideindoor on Twitter and @insideindoorofficial on Instagram.

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