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Atlantic Row Medal Challenge

This is Row the Distances biggest challenge of them all! Can you either individually, or as part of a team*, complete the massive 4828km  (3000 miles) virtual map and earn your Atlantic Row medal?

Row, on a machine 3000 miles, moving along the Virtual tracking map. Complete this challenge at a time and place that suits your schedule to receive your exclusive medal. There is no time limit on this challenge, it can be done in one go, or multiple activities. 

Submitting and Claiming your Medal

Once you have signed up, you will be emailed a separate results link to upload your progress as and when you want to.  Your medal will be sent automatically when you cross the finish line on the virtual map automatically. So no need to do anything further.

*If you wish to row in a team, email [email protected] your team name for your team tracking link after purchase. You can have unlimited number of rowers per team,  all adding their personal metres completed to the same total.  A team of 5 all wanting to receive a medal at the end will need to purchase 5 places. But a gym with 30 members can buy one entry and will be sent one medal. Row the Distance will send out the number of medals that corresponds to the number of places you purchase. 

Strava Connect

Uploading your progress could not be easier with these challenges allowing you to upload activities direct from Strava. Do not worry if you don't have Strava, as you can also add activities manually.

Track your progress

See how others are getting on along on the LIVE progress map below.

[View full screen map]

Don't forget your discount?

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